alumni reflections


Vanessa Andonov

My name is Vanessa Andonov and I have been at this school for 8 years. Over those years I have learned so much. Every single teacher I have had, has treated us like we are their own. They have taught us everything from math to French to life skills. It’s incredible how close I have become with my best friends Laura, Marie and Meriam. We are practically sisters. Toronto French Montessori is not just a school, it is my second home, it is like one big family. 

This environment was created by Mme. Marie who has supported every single one of the students.
She and all the teachers have shaped us into the students we are today, and I know I will be ready for whatever the future holds for me. If somebody were to ask me, how was my experience at TFMS,
I would tell them, it’s inexplicable.

It is full of surprises, we learn new things every day and there are so many stories I have encountered over the years. I could probably write a book. It’s pretty obvious how much I am going to miss the school and I want to thank Mme. Marie, Mme. Hasmik, all my teachers, my parents and all the students of TFMS for the countless stories, laughs and lessons.

Marie Boedefeld

I have been a student at TFMS for the past 7 years, since I was in grade 2. These years of my life have been both strenuous and amazing. I have received an outstanding education in French, English, and Spanish. I have made many great memories here and I am so happy that I got to share them with my best friends Meriam, Laura, and Vanessa. These years we really connected and now we are like family. They have always been there for me no matter what and I am extremely grateful for that.

When I first started at this school, I didn’t know French at all. Teachers went out of their way to help me, to make me understand, and I will be forever grateful. I would like to thank Mme. Marie, Ms.Hasmik, and all my teachers for making this an incredible learning journey. Most importantly, I would like to thank my mom for everything she has done for me. Without her love and support, none of this would have happened. Life is an exciting journey, and a new chapter of mine starts now.

Meriam Fourati

My name is Meriam Fourati and I have been at TFMS since I was 4. My graduation is an important milestone in my life and I hope and believe that my journey at TFMS has prepared me well for high school and beyond. During my time here, I have learned many valuable skills such as language, math, science and arts. Firstly, I feel fortunate to be able to speak many languages and I am grateful that my parents chose a bilingual school for me to attend, especially because we live in Canada. Secondly, the Montessori method has affected me immensely in a positive way. I believe that the visuals and concrete materials have developed my way of thinking in the best way and given me a strong understanding of the lesson being taught.

Of course I must mention the abundance of homework. It may be exhausting and tedious at times, but it really builds character. It makes me think strategically and plan, not to mention how accomplished I feel once I finish it all. Finally, I love the arts, no matter in what form. Art makes me escape the stress of the real world. But above all, what I will remember most about TFMS will be the people. I will remember how Mme. Marie was a great guide for me from the beginning. I will remember my wonderful teachers, who were the best teachers any one could hope for.


I will never forget that this is where I met my best friends and fellow graduates Laura, Vanessa and Marie. It has been the four of us for what feels like forever and the thought of not studying with them is unimaginable. Life goes on, but I will be in touch.

Laura Hegarty

I have been at T.F.M.S. since I was 3 years old.  I started at the Cummer campus where I met my first teacher, Madame Marie, in a class that had 15 children. I have watched the school grow to two campuses and over 100 students. My experience at T.F.M.S. has been amazing and I am so glad to have been a part of such a wonderful school that feels like family. I have learned valuable life skills and achieved high academics from the teachers that always have supported us and helped us comprehend all of our subjects. They have made a huge impact on my life and have formed us into great students that are ready to take on the world. 

Thanks to their guidance, I have what I need to thrive in life.

I have known my friends Meriam, Marie, and Vanessa since I was very young and I am so glad that we can share this special moment together. I will miss seeing them every day. They have encouraged me to follow my dreams and I am so grateful to have such great friends that know me so well. As I leave for another step in my life, I will always remember the people who reminded me to follow my heart because my heart will tell me what is best.

Mathew Pronyshyn

I can’t believe that I started TFMS when I was 3 in CASA and I graduated Grade 8 because time passed quickly. I have great memories with school friends who I still keep in touch with, to this day. What I really remember is how TFMS teachers and Mme Marie always made sure that I could work at my own pace. 

I really enjoyed the way we were taught Mathematics and how I really understood learning with Montessori method, which helps me to this day as I have always had top marks while at TFMS and at my current high school.

I can also remember how the entire Casa class would sit together and have music class and music class was available every year. Learning music at an early age made me appreciate music and I learned how to play a bass guitar on my own. The small classes helped me because I would get help all the time. I can compare this now with larger class sizes at my current high school and sometimes teachers just don’t have the time to help. TFMS teachers and Mme Marie always taught us to respect others, younger students and elders. I will always remember TFMS and how it helped me develop skills academically and as an individual. Thank you TFMS teachers and Mme Marie I wish all the best for TFMS.

parents' reflections


John & Cristina Andonov

Our children Vanessa and Carolina have been attending the Toronto French Montessori School for eight years. This particular year is a special one for our daughter Vanessa, who is now graduating from grade eight. We are proud and thankful for her accomplishments and achievements during her educational experience at the school. As parents we entrusted our little girl to TFMS since grade one and today we can say it was a very good decision. During these years we had peace of mind when she was at school knowing she was in a nurturing, safe and enriched educational environment. As she is departing from the school next year to continue her secondary education, we are confident she is prepared to face the new challenges and experiences she will soon be encountering in her future.

We appreciate Madame Marie and all the TFMS staff for all their contributions towards our daughter’s educational and personal growth.

James Eaton

My son, Rowan, has attended TFMS for the past four years. At seven years old, he speaks English, French, and Spanish. His math, science and spelling/writing are way beyond what I was capable of at his age. 

In addition to the excellent academic component of his education, TFMS reinforces the values that we share at home including manners, and consideration of others. I am thrilled with the education that 

my son has received at TFMS.

Natalie & Gerry Hegarty

Ten years ago, I remember dropping off our daughter for her first day of school at Toronto French Montessori School, all dressed up in her new uniform. Madame Marie was there to greet every student. 

She quickly made friends, coming home each day after school excited about her day.

As a parent, you want the best for your children, the learning environment and safety of the school is 

what drew me to the school in the first place. Laura has grown into a beautiful, smart, creative, 

imaginative and self-confident teenager.  

With Madame Marie and the teachers’ guidance, Laura is well prepared for high school.

Hela Fourati

Many many years ago, I was looking for that one perfect school that was going to help my daughter become the best girl she can ever be. She was four; so I thought it had to be safe and protective, it had to feel welcoming and it had to promote learning. It also had to teach both English and French.

I walked into TFMS. I was greeted with Mme Marie's inviting smile and I saw the Casa students quietly enjoying each their own Montessori material. I saw interest. I heard "please" and "thank you". I felt the respect. It really felt like this was it.

Both my daughters have been at the school from a pre-school age. I never felt bad for being a working mom because every time I came to pick them up, they still wanted to stay longer. They loved their friends and their teachers and always came excited to tell me about the new things they learned at school.

As they grew older, I could see them develop, more and more, a sense of commitment and responsibility when having to complete assignments and projects. They felt they had to spend as much time as needed to produce the best work they could. I don't know how the teachers do it, but it amazes me how much pride my kids take when receiving a teacher's compliment for good work. They somehow inspire them in a profound way. I never have to tell them to do any homework. They know what they have to do and they won't be able to sleep until it's done.

The Lutz Family

This is our first year at the TFMS. My family and I would like to thank Madame Marie, Madame Lily, and all the staff members for helping us settle into our new environment so smoothly. We are blessed to have found this very remarkable school which emphasizes the importance of character building, as well as academic achievement and spiritual growth. The teachers are truly dedicated to loving and taking care of each student, and each morning we are welcomed with a smile. We thank you for your commitment to our child, and wish you continued growth and success.

Zawdneh Family

I vividly remember how warm and welcoming Mme Marie was when I first visited TFMS. I saw how the little casa kids and the big kids all adored her, hugged her and how she was so loving towards them as well! That meant the world to us, and it was truly a reflection of how she runs the school - with all her heart!

Our daughter started at TFMS at the age of 4 and we quickly saw how well she adapted and how well she was progressing and how fast she was grasping French, math and life skills. We chose Montessori for our daughter because of the hands on learning methods. We like the small class sizes and how children are being taught to respect their teachers, peers and the environment in which they are in.

The teachers have inspired Leah's creativity and provided a wonderful and fun introduction to school. 

They build up the students' self-confidence and abilities in small sensible steps, with each activity and year building on past accomplishments. They also emphasize courtesy and respect. They learn not only the basic academics such as reading and writing but they help them learn to think for themselves, solve problems and teach practical life skills and music etc. After going to a few education sessions that explained how the children use the tools to learn concepts such as reading, math and geography,  zoology etc... we were very impressed how well our daughter was grasping these life skills. We find that the teachers are all great and are genuinely caring and enthusiastic. Furthermore, the principal and her team will listen to our comments and respond promptly to our concerns and suggestions. We are so proud that our daughter goes to TFMS and soon our son will join in September 2015 as well.

We thank Mme Marie and her staff for their dedication to this wonderful educational institution! 

Thank you!